Ilocos Norte festivals and colorful events

Ilocos Norte with its rich culture and tradition offers a line up of festivals to celebrate all through the year. These are mostly colorful festivals showcasing the province culture and heritage. Below is the list of festivals celebrated in the province of Ilocos Norte.

GAMENG FESTIVAL (January 24-27) (Solsona, Ilocos Norte)
Gameng is an Ilocano word for treasure. This festival’s main objective is to strengthen Solsona’s culture, promote its cultural products and designs and preserve and conserve its historical and cultural treasure and resources.

BURGOS TOWN FIESTA (February) (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

Burgos Town Fiesta is celebrated in honor of Father Jose Burgos

PAMULINAWEN FESTIVAL (February) (Laoag City)
Pamulinawen is the official celebration of the yearly fiesta of Laoag City. This is considered as the main tourist attraction in the City.

The highlights of the celebration include Pamulinawen Street Pageantry, “Dulang” Food
Festival, Calesa Festival,Comedia Ilocana,Sarsuela, Balikbayan Nights, Pamulinawen Grand Parade,Pamulinawen Agro-Industrial Trade Fair, Miss Laoag City Pamulinawen Beauty Pageant, Search for Miss ABC (Association of Barangay Councils) and Rural Improvement Club (RIC) Day.

ANI FESTIVAL (March) (Dingras, Ilocos Norte)
Ani Festival is celebrated to pay tribute to Dingras as the rice granary of the province of Ilocos Norte.

MANNALON FESTIVAL (March) (Marcos, Ilocos Norte)
Mannalon Festival is celebrated to pay tribute to the farmers of the town. Marcos is purely an agriculture area with farming as the main occupation of local constituents.

BADOC TOWN FIESTA (April) (Badoc, Ilocos Norte)
Badoc Town Fiesta is celebrated in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. John de Baptist.

BANGUI TOWN FIESTA (April) (Bangui, Ilocos Norte)
Bangui Town Fiesta is celebrated in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. Lorenz de Martyr. This is also a gathering for the town’s fishermen and farmers.

DINAKLISAN FESTIVAL (April 29-May 1) (Currimao,Ilocos Norte) and TAMBORA (December 24)(Currimao,Ilocos Norte)
Dinaklisan showcases the traditional livelihood of the fishermen. “Panagdaklis” is an ethnic way of catching fish used by the fishermen of Currimao before and even today. This festival aims to dignify this fishing income-generating occupation of the people.

Tambora is celebrated on the evening of December 24 highlighted by the gathering of local residents at the Municipal Auditorium with their family in their best attire. There is a grand ball which continues until midnight.

Kangayedan Festival is celebrated to showcase the natural resources and products of Pagudpud.

Kurarapnit Festival on the other hand is an animistic festival featuring the exotic bat (Hiposideros sp) found in town in Pagudpud. The latter also aims to promote the preservation of unexplored natural wealth of Pagudpud (i.e. caves).

Pinili Town Fiesta and Agro-Industrial Fare is celebrated in honor of St. Isidore de Farmer, the town’s patron saint. Garlic Festival which is now a tourist attraction is observed because garlic is the main commodity of Pinili.

“RIT-RITEMON CAYONG” (April 29-May 7) (Sarrat, Ilocos Norte)
“Rit-ritemon Cayong” is Sarrat’s Town Fiesta. The term is associated with liberty and courage, leadership, unity and true brotherhood.

MAGDADARAN: TALIP FESTIVAL (May) (Adams,Carasi,Dumalneg and Nueva Era)
Magdarapan:Talip Festival is celebrated to commemorate the ancient peace pact that has brought lasting peace between and among the ethnic tribes in the province of Ilocos Norte and its environs to cultivate and bring to the fore the rich culture, customs and traditions indigenous to these tribes and to enhance fellowship and stronger ties not only among themselves but also with the Ilocanos.

Paoay Town Fiesta which is celebrated on the 5th of May is the Feast of St. Augustine is the patron saint of Paoay.

Guling-Guling Festival (“Guling-Guling Martes”) aims to commemorate the 16th century old practice of the Spanish friars for the religious sector to interact with its parishioners. It has always been celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday because it was believed that this was the last day for the townsfolk to enjoy all forms of merrymaking before they observe the Lenten season.

Highlights of Guling-Guling celebration include dance parade, “Ulnas” Parade (wooden sled), Dudol food festival (native delicacy) and basi drinking (native wine).

BASI REVOLT OF 1807 (September 16) (Piddig, Ilocos Norte)
Basi Revolt of 1807 aims to commemorate the revolt staged by Piddig people in 1807 to resist the Spanish Monopoly. This sentiment spread all over the Ilocos. Basi is made from crushed sugarcane juice compounded with elements like barks and berries from local trees

Bacarra Town Fiesta is celebrated in honor of St. Andrew de Apostle, the town’s patron saint.

Bac-Bacarra Festival which started in 2005 is a heritage that rekindled the love and passion of Bacarra people to revive and preserve the richness of their culture and traditions. The legendary word “bac-bacarra” is a specie of freshwater fish abundant in the river during the 15th century which gave birth to the town’s name .

The main highlight of the festival is the Bac-bacarra Street Dancing, a legendary dance, which depicts the history of the town, and the traditional thanksgiving to the abundant fish catches to the patron Saint Andrew the Fisherman.

Farmers Festival is celebrated through a mini agro-industrial fair wherein they strengthen the role of the zanjeras in community development.

BATAC TOWN FIESTA, EMPANADA FESTIVAL (December 8-30) (Batac,Ilocos Norte)
Batac Town Fiesta is a month long celebration in honor of the feast of the Immaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Concepcion) .

One major highlight is the Empanada Festival which is a showcase of the famous product- the BATAC EMPANADA. With a distinct taste truly it own, the BATAC EMPANADA is made of savory filling of grated green papaya, mongo, longganisa and egg. The dough that serves as its thin and crisp wrapper is made of rice flour. The main feature of the EMPANADA FESTIVAL is the street dancing which chronicles the process of preparing the delectable BATAC EMPANADA.

Pasuquin Town Fiesta is celebrated in honor of St. James the Great, the town’s patron saint. Panangasin Festival is observed to pay tribute to the main source of livelihood of local residents. Pasuquin is a major source of “asin” an Ilocano term for salt.

DAMILI FESTIVAL (December) (San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte)
Damili Festival is celebrated to pay tribute to the contributions of the “damilians” in the history of San Nicolas and in the promotion of tourism. The town of San Nicolas known of its DAMILI products takes pride in its rich historical past.

VINTAR DAY (December 4) (Vintar, locos Norte)
Vintar Day is celebrated in honor of the town’s “EMANCIPATOR OF VINTAR” the late Don Florendo Camaquin who initiated the fight for the separation of Vintar and Bacarra. His crusade paid off on December 4, 1909 when Vintar finally became an independent municipality.

Siwawer Festival with the theme: “Talugading ni Siwawer Pasantaken,” was hatched as a fitting celebration to showcase Vintar’s many great leaders and achievers worthy of praise and emulation. Moreover this festival aims to serve as a venue in promoting culture, arts and tourism development; natural resources preservation; and local cultural heritage conservation.

Source: Province of Ilocos Norte

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